¿Is it free?
Yes, completely free.
I have found a book, how do I say I have it and set its new location?
In the first pages of your book you will find the instructions with a code or a link that you'll need to enter on your brownser (similar to migrabooks.com/XXXXXX)
You can also go here and write your book code.
I found a book but the link or the code don't work
Send an email to [email protected] with a picture of the book instructions or with the code and we'll help you.
If I find a book, can I keep it?
Yes, you can keep it, although it would be better that you share it after reading it so it can follow its trip.
¿Do I need to register to use Migrabooks?
No, it's not necessary, registering is optional. If you register or leave your email when adding or finding a book you'll be able to follow their journey whenever you want. Registered users will have extra functionality in the future.
Can I see where are the books I found or added?
Yes, if you left your email when you added them you can access My books, put your email and you will se a list of your books.
¿How can I add a book to Migrabooks?
Click here, fill the form with the book info and its current location. After clicking the button Save we'll give you the instructions that you will need to write on the book so the next person that finds it can register its new location.